Trying Too Hard

Do you ever feel like you try too hard for the people around you? Why do you put on that red lipstick, or that little black dress? Does anyone care when you put so much effort into the little things?

You wake up in the morning, stare into the mirror and wonder who you really are on the inside. Does the outside reflect the inside? Are you pretending, just so that you can impress those around you? You hop in the shower and wash your hair, shave your legs. Life is a routine, and you wonder if people even see your effort.

Why are you so afraid to be yourself? Why not wear those sweats to the grocery store? Do you really think the cashier is paying attention to the hole in your leggings? They aren’t but deep inside you feel like everyone around you is judging, that’s the world we’re growing old in. A world based on judgement and outer beauty, but honestly no one even notices.

You wish that people could see the inner you, but you still adhere to society’s expectations, you still put on that dress and cake on the make up. You dress up the outside and hide the inside, no one will ever know the real you.

Quit hiding behind your falseness, embrace the real you.


2 thoughts on “Trying Too Hard

  1. It’s true we feel like we have to keep up “appearances” but why? Because we wanna be liked or feel obligated . We are all so alike but so different.creatures of habit

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