So on the 11th was mine and my boyfriends 4th anniversary. We went to dinner and all the normal stuff, but the reason for this post is really an appreciation post to my boyfriend Richard! I really wanna show off the super cool gift he got me!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a strange obsession with Lord of The Rings. There has been this cute little leather bound book set of LOTR sitting up at the register counter where I work, since I started. I have not shut up about it, anytime a customer picked it up I would cringe and tell Richard about it when I got home.

So we went to the bookstore on my day off, the day after our anniversary, so that I could trade in some books for in store credit. Richard decided to buy me the little book set, so that I would finally be happy and quit spazzing anytime anyone touched it.

It’s beautiful and looks so wonderful in my apartment!


They’re so cute and little, and no the print isn’t teeny tiny, the pages are like bible pages, so there is a lot of them. The leather covers feel awesome and the books look great. They have beautiful illustrations, and just look so amazing! It’s a cool set to have!

Enough about my presents, I also got Richard something.

The Walking Dead and a Swear Word Coloring Book! What else could you ever ask for?! He loves them by the way!

I got these beauties at my work also! So if you find yourself in Corvallis, head to the Book Bin and check out all of our awesome stuff!



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