Stark’s Emergency (Week Long Absence)

I have had quite the eventful week in all honesty. Last Tuesday my puppy starting getting sick and by Thursday morning, he hadn’t gotten sick Wednesday, he was getting pretty violently sick, he had some blood in his stools (Yuck!). So Richard and I jumped up at 8 AM and rushed him to the emergency hospital just down the road, not our normal vet.

We walk into the hospital in hysterics, crying and freaking out. None of the staff wanted to take us seriously. They get us a room and inform us that it would be a for sure $95 visit just to do vitals and look at him, so we agree and they start checking him out. I would like to note that the male nurse we had was an awesome dude, he seemed to really care. The actual doctor, not so much.

The doctor came in and pretty much made it sound like we were being ridiculous, and informed us that everything we had told her didn’t really help her. I might add that I was very responsible and brought all of his medical records, and we told her everything that happened and told her about any suspicion we had on his ailment.

She decided they were going to blood work and an X-Ray to check and see if he had some sort of intestinal blockage or pancreatitis. They also wanted to keep him all night. They drew up an estimate for us, they were gonna charge us close to $1,400, and needed the first $700 before they could start working on him, then they’d need the rest before they could allow us to pick him (They only keep dogs for 7 days, charge you for everyday the dog is in their facility, then send them to the pound if they aren’t paid after 7 days.)

So we had to run to the bank before they started operating to get the first $700. Which isn’t a big deal, our puppy is the most important thing to us. But when we got back, we were hurrying because it was an emergency, they kind of blew us off a little bit and took their sweet time, in a potentially life threatening situation.

So we paid up, kissed our puppy goodbye, asked about his potential illnesses, didn’t get any real answers, and left our baby with a bunch of strangers. They did manage to tell us they wouldn’t have a prognosis for several hours.

I head to work to keep my mind off things, and Richard got the day off just in case something happened. At about six o’clock Richard calls me to inform me that all of his blood work and X-Rays are perfect and that he might have some sort of doggy flu. I was so very relieved.

The next morning at 10 AM I got to pick up Stark on my day off, when I get there the nurse couldn’t figure out how much I owed, which they only charged us an extra $340 instead of the other $700. Which I am so grateful for, even though they still charged us double what a normal Vet Hospital would charge. (We looked it up!) Then they let me sit in a patient room for 20 minuted by myself, then the morning/overnight doctor comes in (She was relatively nice also, she just talked down to me like I was incompetent.) And explains how his antibiotics work.

Finally I got my baby back, he was so excited to see me! I teared up I was so happy. When they put an IV in a dog (Stark had needed one) they shave some of the fur to get the IV in, a little bit of fur, they had shaved the whole front of his leg. My poor baby looks like Raggedy Andy…

He was doing fine, but two days ago we had another scare, but we think it was just a weird side effect of his antibiotics.

Stark is doing extremely well now, we are just keeping a close eye on him.

We did start a gofundme account, just to help us bear some of the immense financial burden. We did have some wonderful family and friends come together to help us pay for his medical bills and we are so grateful.

This is the link to our gofundme:

Thanks all and keep your eye out for my newest book review releasing shortly.


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