Almost Forgot To Post Today!

So I realized when I got home that I hadn’t scheduled a post for today, oops! So this is just an irregular post I’m going to do for a make up post.

So I guess I better start with why I forgot to post, I started working at the Book Bin here in Corvallis, and it has been kicking my butt. Who knew that a book store could be so much work?! Seriously, my feet hurt, I have a blister on my toe, and there is a whole lot to remember!

The register is literally the bane of my existence right now… I think I’m catching on finally but good lord it took me two days to feel relatively comfortable. It’s a good thing I work with really kind and patient people who are willing to bear with me as I learn the ropes.

Also, learning how the books are shelved and where all the sections/subsections are is horrifying. The stores not messy or unorganized or anything like that, it’s just a lot to take in. I’ve pretty much learned three whole sections, self-help, cooking, and christian fiction/non-fiction. I’ve only got like 20-30 more sections to go, heh heh…

Enough about the stresses of the job though, I do absolutely love it. I love being surrounded by books and book lovers, I love the people that come in, and I love helping people find just what they’re looking for. Not to mention I get an employee discount cha-ching… I’m probably going to spend all my checks on books, and not on bills…

So if you find yourself in Corvallis and need a new book or just want to kill some time, we have a wide selection of books and other novelty items, oh and did I mention AC to keep people out of the awful 100 degree weather we’re having?

Stop by Downtown Corvallis’s Book Bin and come see me!


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