This is what you see when you first open up your bookish box. There’s a nice little note explaining the contents of the box and an illustration by Evieseo.

After that I opened it up and receive a tumbler that says Winter is Coming by Knot Knirvana (I don’t have a separate picture of this because it’s already lost in my house somewhere) and next to it was a little bag with a stag on the outside, inside the bag is a little ring with antlers, a Baratheon ring by Appraising Pages!

Next to the bag is a Quote Bath Bomb (It’s super awesome!) Made by DaBomb Fizzers

The quote I got was “Valar morghulis” quite fitting for the GOT Bookish Box!

Underneath that is the T-Shirt that says ‘Readers live a thousand lives’ by Appraising Pages and a book bag that says squad goals, and has most of the main lady characters by Drop and Give Me Nerdy!

The T-shirt is super cute, has a map of Westeros in the background and is super soft!

I’d say this is well worth the money, a matter of fact I signed up for the monthly subscription! It’s about $30-$40, definitely worth it, I’d say this stuff is worth twice that!

I can’t wait to receive my next box!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy quality pics, my phone camera is acting weird…




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