This week…

Hey all, 

I just wanted to update everyone on my crazy schedule this week. It’s my summer midterms so I’m a little busy studying, unfortunately! I’d rather be reading some new books and not textbooks, boo!

On top of that I’m driving my brother to my hometown (He spent the past two nights with me at my apartment), so he can attend the annual Culture Camp that’s happening back home. I’ll be spending the day there so that I can see a couple of my baby cousins, I might also drive over on Thursday for a special dinner. (Yummy Salmon!)

My last distraction of the week is the fact that I’m addicted to Pokémon Go… I’m already level 8, I’m nerding out. I haven’t played Pokémon since I was little kid, and I love it!

An extra special announcement is that I applied for a job at the Book Bin in Corvallis, the best bookstore in the world. (Well in my opinion!)  Keep your fingers crossed, shoot me a prayer, or whatever you like to do, so that I get the job. I could use the extra money to upgrade my Blog! Plus I’d be surrounded by books all day, what more could I want in life?!

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far, I’ll post again soon! Until then take care.

P.S. the picture is from the hike I took my brother on yesterday! Hiking is the best!


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