New Books! Plus Updates!


Snapchat-8128088147271328719Used books are my favorite thing! I got all of these for around $20 from, my favorite website. They aren’t in tip top condition but they’re readable and the covers are still pretty beautiful. I’m currently ready Pretty Little Liars, I have about a hundred pages left. I intend on writing a review for that book, then I’m going to start Cell by Stephen King! Cell will be my first venture into the world of Stephen King, I’m pretty excited…

I am also very happy to say that I was approved to read the second book in The South Forsaken Series, The South Reclaimed! Thank you NetGalley! I can’t wait to read and review that one, the first one was so good!

My own book is coming at a very slow pace, like slugs pace. I kind of have my next chapter mapped out, but haven’t done a whole lot yet. With summer just beginning, I am enjoying my week off from school before my college summer session starts. Sorry, but I swear once I’m done enjoying this week, I’ll get back on the horse and write again.

Stay tuned for my next couple reviews, and in about 2-3 weeks the third chapter of my book! Take care everyone and contact me with any questions or comments!


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