Horror Story Chapter 1: 1st Draft


I finally finished the first draft of chapter 1 of my first scary story, as of right now it’s pretty short. I think I’m going to work on extending it a little and also make the dialogue more fluid. I’m sure there are grammatical errors that I have missed, if you see any feel free to tell me!

I’m not 100% sure where I want this story to go yet, so Chapter 2 will take a little while longer. I’m going to work out a better outline to follow and get at least the first half of the story mapped out so I know where I’m heading. This first draft may change a lot over the course of the next two to three weeks, just so that I can get the best final version out there.

Please comment or email me with any kind of recommendations or advice, I would love to hear it and incorporate it into my story!

Here’s the link: Horror Story Ch1

Just a warning, it is indeed a scary story. Maybe not the scariest but still scary. If you’re easily frightened, and hate being scared, don’t read this!


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