Book Review: Divergent – Veronica Roth


This book was hard for me to get into, I enjoyed parts and was bored to death with some parts. As I have mentioned previously I absolutely love dystopian, but not this one for some reason. I didn’t fall in love with the characters like I did in The Hunger Games and Matched.

I like the concept of matching groups of people into factions by personality, but that they didn’t have to choose that set path. It made it seem like the government wasn’t entirely controlling, like most dystopians. I also thought the whole idea of a Divergent person being immune to things others aren’t was clever and original. What this lacked was the ability to relate to the characters on a deep personal level, in my personal opinion. Tris wasn’t my favorite, Four was definitely better, and Tris’s brother was unbearably annoying.

I felt like this book was constantly gripping me and releasing me, and it wasn’t in a pleasant way, I felt unsatisfied. Something just doesn’t make me want to read the rest of these books, I put Divergent down in the end and haven’t had the desire to spend money on Insurgent… I just don’t feel the need, it wasn’t entertaining enough. Maybe sometime in the future.

I also watched the movie, and was annoyingly subjected to Shailene Woodley’s acting once again (see A Fault In Our Stars review), and her brother in this movie was her love interest in AFIOS, weird… I would have enjoyed the movie with different casting. But that’s my opinion don’t let me sway you on her acting, that’s not what this blogs about.

Divergent is a good young adult and teen book. If you like Divergent you will adore Matched and The Hunger Games! I recommend it, but not as highly as the other books I mentioned. This book is good if you just want to waste time, and have an interest in dystopian.

14337-illustration-of-an-open-book-pv14337-illustration-of-an-open-book-pv14337-illustration-of-an-open-book-pvhalf book illustration

3.5/5 on my official book score rating, because it’s original and interesting, but not gripping. (I have no idea why the half book is white, I’m working on it)

I’d love you hear YOUR opinion in the comments!


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