Book Review: Matched – Ally Condie

Stark Matched

I’ve owned this book for a really long time. I started and stopped this book twice before I actually sat down and read the whole thing, don’t let that deter you. This is actually a pretty impressive book, I was just lazy.

This story is told from the perspective of Cassia who belongs to a dystopian world ran by the Society, they control every aspect of her and everyone else’s lives. I won’t go too deep into the story because I hate spoilers, but basically she begins questioning the choices of the Society when she is accidentally matched with two people (Matched= who you marry and live happily ever after with), one of these people is an aberration (meaning he has a revoked citizenship status) in the society. She must decide who to choose, and face impending danger as her infatuation with the Society’s decisions deepens.

I LOVE DYSTOPIAN! Seriously like LOVE LOVE! This book has an interesting story line, and the ever so popular love triangle. It hits on all the attracting points in today’s literary world, teen rebellion, questioning authority, and precarious love situations. It definitely appeals to today’s readers, but maybe a little too much. While it is a really good story it does lack a little bit of originality. I constantly yearned for something more from this book, I wanted it to be discernible from others. I love the concept of the Society, but it was a little too predictable. I have the next book in the series I just haven’t had the time to open it up, maybe it has more originality later on.

In summary it was well worth reading, I enjoyed it and it was a good distraction from the homework I had been putting off (Do your homework kids!). If you like this book/series you will definitely like The Hunger Games, you will likely enjoy The Divergent Series (although I’m not overly fond of it), and you will love the Maze Runner series! Definitely a teenager book series!


4/5 on the official book rating because it was an awesome read, I just need more originality.

Let me know what YOU think in the comments!


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