I will probably get a lot of disapproval for this review but I find it necessary to state my true and unaltered opinion… I hate this book… I hate it to my very core. I tried very hard to like it, I forced myself through four insufferable chapters. The main character’s (Hazel’s) attitude was just too much, yes I know she’s dying and her life is awful, but there’s just so much negativity a reader can take before they’re annoyed with the whole book. Hazel’s eventual love interest Gus was just not appealing to me, I couldn’t build a bond with his character, nor any of the others for a matter of fact.

I think the story is a great idea and has a very interesting twist and what not, but I couldn’t stand the characters… It was so disappointing I haven’t been able to pick up any other John Green books, which is unfortunate because I’ve heard he is very talented, I just haven’t read anything of his that I’ve seen true potential in.

I suffered through the movie with one of my least favorite actresses (Shailene Woodley), but the book was too much effort for too little pay out.I don’t recommend this book if you dislike self loathing and whiny characters such as myself, or just all around don’t like sad depressing stories (I can usually make it through depressing story arcs, but not this one).



1/5 on the official book rating because I thought the story line was a good idea.


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