Recent Absence

I would like to apologize for my almost week long absence. I was only supposed to be gone two days, at most three. I ended up getting super sick, and didn’t feel right the next day, and I also had unforeseen family events to attend.


So I have decided to try my hand at the horror genre, it has interested me ever since I was really young. I used to have horrible night terrors in middle school, and for some ungodly reason I’m going to bring up those memories and use them to fuel my writing of a horror book/novella, not really sure, it’s sort of an evolving project. We will see. I stared writing an introduction and I’m working out the kinks with the characters, hopefully this will be a fun but terrifying adventure that everyone will enjoy as much as myself…

So keep an eye out for the first few pages of my nightmare inspired horror story! I am also going to post a short, sort of silly, scary story I had to write as an assignment, as soon as I can find it!


As always I look forward to everyone’s advice/comments, and bare with me as I get some posts going!



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