Papa and The Lilacs (Short Story)

I wrote this for my writing 224 class. I was supposed to develop a short story where someone is taught an intrinsic and extrinsic lesson. I wrote it about a memory I have of my grandfather and I, when he taught me how to take care of the Lilac bush in his yard. The Lilac bush is still there to this day, and he still takes care of it!

Papa and the Lilacs


One thought on “Papa and The Lilacs (Short Story)

  1. I love this story! It’s short and sweet, with a great message. One small suggestion in your writing, that I constantly try to engrave on my students minds when they write any sort of story, is to give a short description of your characters. Allow the readers a quick snippet into what your characters look like, sound like, talk like, and act like. This can be done with a few creative words to add a sense to each of your characters. Sometimes, you can write whole paragraphs describing your characters. The main point though, is to give your readers a visual of what each character looks like. Great job S!


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