Recent Absence

I would like to apologize for my almost week long absence. I was only supposed to be gone two days, at most three. I ended up getting super sick, and didn’t feel right the next day, and I also had unforeseen family events to attend.


So I have decided to try my hand at the horror genre, it has interested me ever since I was really young. I used to have horrible night terrors in middle school, and for some ungodly reason I’m going to bring up those memories and use them to fuel my writing of a horror book/novella, not really sure, it’s sort of an evolving project. We will see. I stared writing an introduction and I’m working out the kinks with the characters, hopefully this will be a fun but terrifying adventure that everyone will enjoy as much as myself…

So keep an eye out for the first few pages of my nightmare inspired horror story! I am also going to post a short, sort of silly, scary story I had to write as an assignment, as soon as I can find it!


As always I look forward to everyone’s advice/comments, and bare with me as I get some posts going!



The Fault in Our Stars Book Review

The Fault in Our Stars Book Review

I will probably get a lot of disapproval for this review but I find it necessary to state my true and unaltered opinion… I hate this book… I hate it to my very core. I tried very hard to like it, I forced myself through four insufferable chapters. The main character’s (Hazel’s) attitude was just too much, yes I know she’s dying and her life is awful, but there’s just so much negativity a reader can take before they’re annoyed with the whole book. Hazel’s eventual love interest Gus was just not appealing to me, I couldn’t build a bond with his character, nor any of the others for a matter of fact.

I think the story is a great idea and has a very interesting twist and what not, but I couldn’t stand the characters… It was so disappointing I haven’t been able to pick up any other John Green books, which is unfortunate because I’ve heard he is very talented, I just haven’t read anything of his that I’ve seen true potential in.

I suffered through the movie with one of my least favorite actresses (Shailene Woodley), but the book was too much effort for too little pay out.I don’t recommend this book if you dislike self loathing and whiny characters such as myself, or just all around don’t like sad depressing stories (I can usually make it through depressing story arcs, but not this one).



1/5 on the official book rating because I thought the story line was a good idea.

The Game of a Lifetime (Short Story)

The Game of a Lifetime (Short Story)

This was a project I worked on last term, it was my final paper. I chose to write about my hometown basketball team. It is based entirely on my experiences (some exaggerations, but not many), I tried to use the names of real people, some of the other players names are long forgotten. It is not only about basketball but the racial tensions that players feel on the court when playing against primarily white schools. There is some vulgar language and obvious racial themes, sorry if it is offensive but it is the truth, and my people deal with it on the daily basis. I hope you enjoy!

As always I’m open to suggestions, and if you notice any flaws please, please, please tell me!

The game of a lifetime (Complete)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone -J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone -J.K. Rowling

I have read this book several times. It is a wonderful book for all ages, I think every age group can benefit from the message of this book. You can’t help but to fall in love with the characters and their world. J.K. Rowling is an author that I hold in very high regard, she has created a world that you can immerse yourself in and really become apart of.

If you are interested in magic, mythology, heroism, and adventure this is the book/series for you! You will find yourself on the edge of your seat, and feeling what Harry and his friends feel. It’s a true page turner and you will have a hard time putting it down.

Not only is it a book, but it’s a movie (if you didn’t know that for some odd reason), I think the movies due pretty good justice to the books, you won’t be disappointed!


5/5 on my book rating scale, a true masterpiece!

(Yes that’s my dog Stark in the picture, he’s my reading buddy!)

Papa and The Lilacs (Short Story)

I wrote this for my writing 224 class. I was supposed to develop a short story where someone is taught an intrinsic and extrinsic lesson. I wrote it about a memory I have of my grandfather and I, when he taught me how to take care of the Lilac bush in his yard. The Lilac bush is still there to this day, and he still takes care of it!

Papa and the Lilacs